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What Makes a Film “Jewish?”

There are countless films that utilize Jewish guilt and Yiddish phrases for humor. But there are also movies like Schindler’s List that focus on the Holocaust and other topics that are steeped in Jewish history. So which movies fall under the category of “Jewish cinema”?

Decide for yourself after watching Cinema: The Jewish Lens! The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, in partnership with Jerusalem U., is proud to offer our community access to this thought-provoking online Jewish film series—and it’s free!

Cinema: The Jewish Lens is a four-part mini-series that takes you behind the scenes of popular Hollywood movies and provides commentary from well-known actors, producers, film critics, rabbis and scholars.

The first film in the series, The Jewish Picture, is a 35-minute cinematic mash-up that includes clips from Spaceballs, The Big Lebowski, and other beloved flicks, and explores varying perspectives on what constitutes a Jewish film.

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We hope this free film series gives you a new appreciation for the Jewish values we all share.