Federation Impact Update

May 2022

  • Our Support for Ukranian Refugees Continue
  • Our Work with Unistream
  • Upcoming Trips to Israel to Strengthen Our Communal Bond
Federation Impact Update

April 2022

  • Passover Experience To Strengthen Community Ties
  • Jewish Young Adults Gather For Passover In The Desert
  • Holocaust Survivors Celebrate Passover Together
Federation Impact Update

March 2022

  • Sending Support to the Ukrainian Border
  • Fostering the Next Generation of Jewish Leaders
  • Honeymoon Israel
Federation Impact Update

February 2022

  • Providing Support for Jews in Ukraine
  • Standing Up Against Antisemitism
  • Celebrating Jews with Diverse Abilities
Federation Impact Update

January 2022

  • Making Our Community Safer
  • Supporting Jewish Mental Health and Wellness
  • Combating Anti-Israel Curriculum in Public Schools


Federation Impact Update

December 2021

  • Building a Strong Coalition to Fight Anitsemitism
  • Cultivating a Movement of Diverse Jewish Leaders
  • Providing Dynamic Jewish Community Experiences
Federation Impact Update

November 2021

  • Improving the Mental Health of Our Community
  • Strengthening Our Unbreakable Bond with Israel
  • Ensuring Children Across L.A. Enjoy the Holidays
Federation Impact Update

October 2021

  • Antisemitism in Schools
  • Connecting Young Adults Via Summer Camp
  • Honoring Jay Sanderson’s Leadership
Federation Impact Update

September 2021

  • Caring for Holocaust Survivors
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Our Bond with Israel
Federation Impact Update

August 2021

  • Supporting Jewish Education
  • Fighting Antisemitism
  • Heightening the High Holidays
Federation Impact Update

July 2021

  • Financial Support
  • Creating Jewish Leaders
  • Inspiring Jewish Families
Federation Impact Update

June 2021

  • Fighting Antisemitism in Schools
  • Supporting Summer Camps
  • Improving Mental Health
Federation Impact Update

May 2021

  • Supporting Israel
  • Protection From Antisemitism
  • Feeding Our Young Adults
Federation Impact Update

April 2021

  • Caring for the Elderly
  • Protecting Our Community
  • Addressing Food Insecurity