From the CEO

Stand with Those Who Struggle to Stand on Their Own

Many of us are counting down the last days of 2020 and looking forward to 2021.

This has been the most challenging year for our Jewish community, especially for our most vulnerable. We have seen an unsettling and dramatic increase of individuals and families living in poverty. We are experiencing an unprecedented increase in individuals grappling with mental health and wellness issues. Our Jewish ecosystem is under extreme stress.

We have always depended on you, but we have never depended on you more than we do now.

Our Federation has asked you several times this year for your support. We have been inspired by your response.

We need to dig down deeper as this year ends. We will have even more work to do in 2021 to get our community healthy and whole.

We need to keep asking. We will get through this together. We will get through this because of your generosity.

Thank you for standing with us and for those who are struggling to stand on their own.