CSI offers staff and volunteers the latest in safety and security training and certification to make your organization a harder target. All training is free and covers subjects such as Advanced Situational Awareness, Behavioral Analysis, Suspicious Activity Reporting, Surveillance Detection, Active Shooter Mitigation, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Detection, Emergency Planning, and Disaster Preparedness.


In 2016, CSI developed and launched Personnel Resiliency Training (PRT), a one-of a-kind training curriculum. PRT teaches your organization to leverage advanced situational awareness to recognize “pre-incident indicators” of violence and quickly report them to law enforcement. Today, with over 700 graduates, PRT has become our core training program, resulting in increased reporting of suspicious activity in our community. The course has received praise from several subject-matter experts and has been adopted in other Jewish communities throughout the country.



In 2018, CSI expanded our training curricula and launched our Community Resiliency Training (CRT). CRT is a basic situational awareness course, designed specifically for congregants and parents. CRT empowers you to develop a “culture of security” through the practical use of situational awareness, identification of pre-Incident Indicators, and efficient reporting. With over 600 graduates, CRT has empowered congregants and parents to become part of their facilities’ security apparatus, enabling them to detect, identify, and report suspicious activity before potential violence occurs.


PRT-GuardForce (Currently Under Development) 

PRT-GuardForce will use the latest in computer-based training to educate security guards on topics such as Jewish cultural training, hate groups, historical attacks and attack vectors, the terrorist planning cycle, as well as descriptive writing and verbal de-escalation techniques. The course will also give participants the tools to identify suspicious behaviors before an attack, assess the intent of an individual, and provide a timely and accurate report to law enforcement and CSI.


This project is fully funded thanks to the support of private donors. The course will be developed by CSI and its partners, with an anticipated launch date of summer 2021.