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Meet 2019 Tour de Summer Camps Rider Judith Feldman

Judith Feldman Biking in Tour de Summer CampsOn Sunday, October 27th, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles will proudly hold our 7th annual Tour de Summer Camps, the community-wide cycling fundraiser that helps provide scholarships to send more of our kids to Jewish summer camp where they build a lifelong connection to Jewish identity and values.

Meet Judith Feldman, Director of Special Events at LUXE Hotel, who will ride for the fourth time in Tour de Summer Camps

How many miles are you riding this year?

100 miles.

Why do you ride in Tour de Summer Camps?

It is such a great cause. Summer camp is an amazing experience for kids and leaves a lasting impression. Riding to raise funds to send more kids to camp is great motivation.

What would you say to people who might be nervous about the distance of the ride?

There are a few distances that you can choose from. Always try to push yourself to do a little more than you think you can do. You will be amazed what your body can do when your mind gives it permission!

How are you preparing/training for the ride?

Riding long distances every Sunday, and during the week doing shorter distances as well as an indoor bike trainer. Also doing quite a bit of elevation climbing, as the route has some climbs.

Did you go to Jewish summer camp, and what impact did it have on your life?

I did not and wish that I had the opportunity to! Therefore, it is important to me that these kids get the opportunity that I did not.

What is something that motivates you/keeps you going throughout the ride?

My motivation is to push myself to always do more and be the best that I can be.  During the ride, I focus on doing better than the year before. Compete against myself. That motivates me and keeps me going throughout the ride.

How do you feel at the end of the ride? What’s most rewarding about it?

It is such a rewarding feeling at the end of the ride. Another 100 miles under my belt and added to my accomplishments.

Do you ride throughout the year? If so, where are your favorite places to ride?

Yes, I ride all year long. My favorite ride was from L.A. to Solvang – 145 miles all in a day. I took Pacific Coast Highway, and all the views of the ocean was a great start to the long ride. Then going through Ventura and beautiful Santa Barbara for a lunch stop. After Santa Barbara, climbing the Santa Ynez Mountains to get to Solvang was the next task at hand. This was both brutal yet rewarding. As it was towards the end of the ride, it took a lot of physical and mental strength to push myself to complete the ride. After 15 hours on the bike and a lot of elevation, I felt very proud at the end of the day for what I had done and accomplished.

How would you encourage your friends who are thinking about participating in Tour de Summer Camps on October 27th?

  • Register!
  • Join us!
  • Join in the fun!
  • Do it for a great cause!
  • Push your limits!
  • Ride on!
  • Be the best that you can be!
  • Get off the couch!

Judith Feldman Riding in Tour de Summer Camps