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We know this is crunch time.
That’s why we’ve compiled a few of our favorite High Holy Day resources — a webinar, games and visual prayers, and an article — because everyone learns differently! (By the way, they’re all free!)

  • Days of Inclusive Awe
    Children and parents with disabilities come to High Holy Days services. This webinar addresses reasons they may feel excluded and the actions synagogues and service leaders can take to be more welcoming.*
  • Games and Visual Prayers
    Whether you are planning a youth service, looking for ways to engage your own child at home, or trying to help a child stay engaged in the High Holy Days, these printable resources are for you!
  • Holding My Father’s Machzor
    “Even as a small child, I knew that in holding my father’s machzor for him I was performing a mitzvah of a higher order. To help another Jew access prayer, to allow him to speak to G-d in the way his tradition tells him to…” Read more from Guila Franklin Siegel’s remarkable recollections in this beautiful essay on Matan’s blog.