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Guided Meditation and Reflections for Parents of Teens

Hosted By The Jewish Federation

Guided Meditation & Reflections for parents of teens: Are you a parent of a teenager and seeking a community to grow with? Join the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles for Guided Meditation & Reflections to nourish your soul once a month on Thursdays at 8am. To learn more, please email MGoldshine@JewishLA.org or call 323-761-8132.

Body Image & Self-Respect: This month's mindfulness practice will look at Shmirat Ha-guf and Kavod Atzmi, the Jewish values of caretaking our health and respecting our physical body. How can we support our teens to respect and appreciate their body, and have a healthy relationship with their body, food, and exercise? What are we doing and modeling for our teens about how we talk about and care for our own body, food and exercise? Drawing on Jewish teachings, we cultivate gratitude and mindfulness around being more self-respectful and comfortable in our own form.


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