The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles launches Campus Impact Network to address antisemitism on college campuses. The program aims to support Jewish college students in LA, empower student leaders, promote a positive view of Israel, and strengthen advocacy efforts. Micro-grants will be provided for campus programs. Contact for more information.


Reflections on Our Important Trip to Israel 

Reflections on Our Important Trip to Israel: Discover the crucial role Federations play in connecting Israel to the Diaspora. Amidst protests and political crisis, both sides express their love for Israel and fight for reform. Learn about the evolving Israeli mindset and the growing need for engagement from the global Jewish community. Join us in supporting Israel through education and advocacy.


Our Trip to Israel to Express Our Love and Concern

Join us on our trip to Israel as we express our love and concerns about the judicial reform legislation. We believe in the importance of Israel as a strong democracy and want to have a meaningful dialogue with elected officials. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates. Together, we can make a difference.


Day One

Join us on “day one” as we work towards a more prosperous and flourishing Jewish community. With over 130 dedicated employees in Los Angeles and Israel, we are committed to feeding the hungry, sheltering the vulnerable, enlivening Jewish lives, and standing up to antisemitism. Let’s seize the future together.


Meet Brawerman Fellow Alum Britt Jacobson

Meet Britt Jacobson, a Brawerman Fellow and recent USC graduate. Britt shares her gratitude for the Fellowship and how it shaped her as a leader in the Jewish community. With a major in Global Studies and double minors in Folklore & Popular Culture and Music Industry, she reflects on the meaningful experiences and opportunities the Fellowship provided.


Federation Impact Update: June 2021

Our Federation fights against rising antisemitism in Los Angeles schools, supports Jewish summer camps, and improves mental health for future generations. Get involved with our work by emailing Help us ensure a thriving Jewish future.


The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles Opposes Upcoming UTLA Resolution On Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles strongly opposes the upcoming UTLA resolution on Israel. This one-sided stance on a complex geopolitical issue alienates members and creates division within public education. The BDS campaign is unjust and antisemitic, denying Israel’s right to exist. Supporting BDS promotes antisemitic rhetoric and puts teachers, students, and communities at risk. The motion misrepresents Israel and the Palestinian cause, while ignoring other atrocities. UTLA’s support of BDS is out of touch with the real needs of Los Angeles students and families.


The Actions We Take

“Our Jewish Federation’s President and CEO, Jay Sanderson, reflects on the importance of taking action in the face of rising antisemitism and hate. With a focus on community safety and healing divisions, Jay embarks on a Leadership and Solidarity Mission to Israel, reaffirming our commitment to the Jewish community and our partnership with the Israel Trauma Coalition.”


Our Response to the Crisis in Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is actively supporting Israel during the crisis, partnering with the Israel Trauma Coalition to provide aid to the most vulnerable. They have been working together for almost a decade, training professionals and promoting healing and resilience. Parent workshops will be conducted in impacted communities, with increased support for parents and caregivers. The organization also addresses the rise in antisemitism and stands in solidarity with Israel.


Israel feels our heartbeat

“Our Federation demonstrates unwavering love and support for the Israeli community amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Through lifesaving assistance, strong partnerships, and impactful leadership, we strive to ensure the safety, health, and prosperity of our global Jewish family. Witness how we extend the heartbeat of Jewish L.A. to Israel in this video. Your generosity is crucial in overcoming this crisis together. Donate today.”


Jay Sanderson Gets Personal in The Forward

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We Are Here banner

Providing Resources and Comfort During This Crisis

Our Federation is here to provide resources and comfort during this crisis. Join our extraordinary virtual celebration for Yom Ha’Atzmaut on April 29th and participate in a day of programming on the theme of “What Israel Means to Me.” If you or someone you know needs social services, contact our Community Call Line. Stay spiritually balanced and physically nourished with our session on living a healthy and vibrant life in challenging times. Visit our website for daily offerings of virtual activities and community. Support our efforts to care for our most vulnerable and strengthen our community by donating. We are here with you and ready to get through this together.

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It is Not Enough to Never Forget

“Never forget Holocaust remembrance, increasing anti-Semitism, violence against Jews, de-Jewifying the Holocaust, rewriting national narratives, Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), Holocaust survivors, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Rautenberg New Leaders Project, lobbying for funding, caring for Jews in need, standing against anti-Semitism, discrimination, and division.”

SEO Excerpt: “In the midst of news about Kobe Bryant’s death and the Trump impeachment trial, Holocaust remembrance is overshadowed. The increasing anti-Semitism, violence against Jews, and rewriting of national narratives are concerning trends. As Holocaust survivors decline in number, it is vital for us to bear witness and act with intention. Join efforts in caring for Jews in need and standing against discrimination.”

Bryan Turkel Praying

From the Wrestling Mat to The Jewish Federation

Bryan Turkel’s Jewish journey from the wrestling mat to The Jewish Federation is a story of finding belonging and connection. After a sports-centric upbringing, Bryan found his Jewish identity in college and started an AEPi chapter. His first trip to Israel solidified his connection, and he now embraces his Jewish identity fully, working at The Jewish Federation to develop future Jewish leaders.


An Interview with Federation Global Teen Twinning Program Alum Michaela Springer

Discover the transformative experience of participating in the Jewish Federation’s Global Teen Twinning Program. Michaela Springer, a program alum, shares her unforgettable journey and the impact it had on her high school experience. Gain a well-rounded perspective on the global Jewish community through living with host families and hosting buddies. Don’t miss out on this life-changing opportunity – just go for it!


An Interview with Julia Kahen Global Teen Twinning Alum

Get insights from Julia Kahen, a participant of The Jewish Federation’s Global Teen Twinning Program. Julia shares her transformative experience, from visiting the Kotel and feeling connected to G-d, to living with her host family and hosting her buddy. Don’t miss out on the opportunities this program offers, connect with others and immerse yourself in Jewish culture.

Kara Glaser - Brawerman 2019 Fellow

Welcoming the Newest Cohort of Brawerman Fellows

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles proudly welcomes the newest cohort of Brawerman Fellows. These graduating high school seniors have demonstrated exceptional leadership, academic excellence, community service, and commitment to Jewish life. Through retreats, an Israel trip, and more, these students will further develop their Jewish identities and leadership skills in college and beyond. Contact for more information.


June Gloom

Discover the challenges and rewards of working for a Jewish community organization. Learn how this Federation focuses on making a real impact through fundraising efforts. Find out what the president identifies as the hardest part of the job and why June presents a unique challenge for donors. Join the conversation today.


Experiencing Israel through Federation’s Holy Land Democracy Project

Experience Israel through Federation’s Holy Land Democracy Project. Educators from all over LA participate in this transformative program, visiting Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and more. Receive a specially created curriculum to integrate in classrooms for 5 years. Lesson plans and resources available to all teachers. Discover the many faces of Israel and its complexity. Visit

Twinning - Two boys on the beach

Global Teen Twinning Program: Not Just a Program — But a Transformative Experience
for All

The Global Teen Twinning Program is a transformative experience that connects students and staff members from Wise School with Israeli educators and families. Participants gain a broader perspective on academic and experiential learning, form a strong Jewish identity, and develop lasting relationships. This program, offered by The Jewish Federation, creates enduring connections between Jewish people in the diaspora and the people of Israel. Learn more at