Federation Family Camp - Group Kid's Photo

Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement: Family Camp – An Effective Gateway to Joyful Jewish Life

Discover the impact of family camp on Jewish education and engagement. Through immersive experiences and the guidance of dedicated counselors and staff, families are able to connect with others, explore Jewish traditions, and incorporate them into their daily lives. Join our Family Camp Project and create lasting bonds, curiosity, and a sense of Jewish identity.


An Interview with CLI Participant Shirley Pakdaman

Discover the incredible Community Leadership Institute (CLI) training program in Los Angeles, designed for young professionals aged 25-40. This 15-month program offers leadership skills, connections, and a deeper understanding of Jewish non-profit initiatives. Attend monthly meetings and workshops, travel to Israel, and receive one-on-one support from esteemed Jewish leaders. Become a future leader of the Jewish community with CLI.