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Share a Message with the Children of Israel

Shachar, a 9-year-old living in Sderot is huddled in a shelter. His school has been closed for the past two days, and months of “red alerts” have traumatized him so that he will no longer wear red clothing or color with red crayons. We need to let Shachar and all of the children of Israel know that we love and support them.

Send a message of support to the children of Israel. Thousands of children are in harm’s way of the ongoing rocket attacks. More than 23,000 grade-school students are being assisted, many being relocated to safer areas of Israel. You can let them know how much you care by sending them a message of hope, and brighten their days. We will publically display your messages that our city and the world understand the human impact of the Hamas rocket attacks.

Post a message in the comments section below and we’ll make sure to display prominently as a message to the world that our community stands in solidarity with Israel.

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