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Sometimes it’s as easy as saying hello or offering help before it’s asked of you. Find out what else you can do to make people with special needs feel like they are part of the group.


Voting Becomes Inclusive

Last year when voters went to the polls, they were introduced to a new voting model to include people of all abilities. As the LA County website describes, “The final concept…ballots.” This accessible, modernized system incorporated feedback from individuals of all abilities and gave more people the ability to easily participate in the voting process.

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Special Olympics at 50

Special Olympics recently celebrated its 50th anniversary of the first International Special Olympics Games with a display that opened at the National Museum of American History in July 2018.
In her opening remarks at the first Special Olympic International Summer Games in Chicago in 1968, Founder of Special Olympics Eunice Kennedy Shriver expressed, “…children with intellectual disabilities can be exceptional athletes” and that “through sports they can realize their potential for growth.” She pledged that this new organization, Special Olympics, would offer people with intellectual disabilities everywhere “the chance to play, the chance to compete, and the chance to grow.”

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