From the CEO

My Best Wishes as We Enter a New Year

As we near the end of another eventful year, there is opportunity to feel grateful. While it was a vast improvement over the last, this year was not without its challenges — but it once again proved our collective resilience and strength.

At the forefront of protecting our community, our Federation stood up and fought for Jewish L.A. in the ever-growing battle against antisemitism, food insecurity, mental health struggles, and the factors affecting our elderly and Holocaust survivor population.

For the past 12 years — and through this historic pandemic and the toll it has taken on our Jewish community — our Federation’s professional team, led by President & CEO Jay Sanderson, worked with extraordinary resolve and innovation to address the challenges that faced us. We are endlessly thankful for the selfless dedication and expert guidance it took to get us here.

I know I speak for the entire community when I extend a sincere thanks to Jay for his leadership during these past 12 years and wish him the best on his next adventure.

And now, with a new year on the horizon, we welcome Rabbi Noah Farkas as our new President & CEO. From my early collaboration with him, I can already sense that he has a vision and passion all his own, and I am excited to see him make his unique mark on our Federation and on Jewish L.A.

Please join me in contributing to our Federation’s important work. The COVID crisis is still here, constantly presenting new obstacles for every demographic of our Jewish community. From our youngest to our oldest, each of our community members needs help.

Please help us continue our work to protect the community by giving today.

With my best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe new year,

Albert Z. Praw
Chair of the Board