Our Impact

How We Help Jews in Crisis – When They Need it Most

When a member of our community needs help during a crisis, The Jewish Federation wants to do all we can.  Now, working with our partners, we can do even more to help Jews in need. The Financial Assistance Network (FAN), strengthened with a seed gift from the Max Factor Family Foundation (MFFF), brings together a host of different programs targeting economically disenfranchised members of our community. The MFFF-FAN allows The Jewish Federation and our partners to work with one another to provide comprehensive case management, support, and the possibility of financial assistance if there is nowhere else to turn. We lend a hand to those needing a help to regain self-sufficiency, or to achieve it for the first time.

These comprehensive programs include:

  • The Jewish Crisis Fund: If someone falls on hard times, they can receive case management services in conjunction with the possibility of cash assistance. This program supports individuals and families as they create a long-term sustainable plan that will increase self-sufficiency and prevent future crises.
  • The Vulnerable Older Adult Fund: Seniors who are living on a fixed income and struggling to make ends meet can get a one-time grant.
  • The Community Tzedekah Fund: When someone experiences a one-time, unexpected emergency, they can turn to this program for help in finding what they need.
  • The Jewish Free Burial Fund: Indigent Jews who need burial assistance can receive the help they need, as well as compassion and dignity.

Thanks to the generosity of The Max Factor Family Foundation Financial Assistance Network (MFFF-FAN), we are better able to help those who have nowhere else to turn in a time of crisis. The Factor Family hopes that their gift will be only an open door, inspiring others in our community to completely fund this life-saving work by The Jewish Federation and our partners.

For more information about MFFF-FAN, contact Diana Kogan, Director, Caring for Jews in Need at DKogan@JewishLA.org or (323)761-8231.