Through our Community Engagement Strategic Initiative, we bring together leaders from different backgrounds and perspectives to learn and work together on important issues in Los Angeles and Israel, promoting civil discourse and helping the Federation strengthen our community.

Our work stands on five pillars: Education, Civic Partnership, Leadership, Convening, and Civil Discourse. We convene community leaders through our civic engagement, Israel education, and advocacy and Board of Rabbis programs. More info:

Civic Engagement

Our civic engagement programs increase community knowledge, improve the quality and breadth of democratic discourse, increase participant effectiveness in local government, and build connections and understanding between the Jewish community and other communities in Los Angeles.

Israel Education

We promote the vibrancy and security of the State Israel with individuals and institutions throughout Los Angeles.

Board Of Rabbis Programs

In unity with and support of rabbis of all movements, we promote trans-denominational learning and encourage interfaith activities that connect religious communities throughout L.A.