Faces of Federation

An Interview with CLI Participant Ben Feingold

Ben Feingold recently participated in The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Leadership Institute (CLI) – Real Estate Track. He shares his experience with us!

Why would you recommend CLI to your peers?

Once you’re out of school, there aren’t many opportunities to expand your network and build your personal and leadership skills outside of a strictly professional setting. CLI provides participants with an incredibly unique opportunity to grow as individuals, become more deeply and meaningfully involved in the Jewish community in Los Angeles, and establish new, lifelong friendships with like-minded young people.

What was one of the most memorable parts of your CLI experience?

For me, it all comes back to the relationships. The Israel trip was like an adult summer camp experience, where we spent 24 hours a day with an incredible group of emerging young leaders and had deep, meaningful discussion while building lasting interpersonal bonds.

What is something you learned in CLI that you think other 25-40-year-olds would find valuable?

When you are representing a cause and an organization that you believe in and are passionate about, you can tap into a well of self-confidence that you may not have known you had and exceed any expectations you have for yourself.

How has CLI impacted your vision of your future?

After completing CLI, I now have a clear idea of how my family and I will stay connected to the Jewish community throughout our lives. I learned that no matter what your interests or passions are, there is a uniquely Jewish way to approach them and likely an existing Jewish organization through which you can get involved.

What surprised you most about being a participant of CLI or being involved in Federation’s work?

I was surprised to learn about the breadth of Jewish organizations and initiatives that are actively working to impact the lives of members of the L.A. community. There truly is something for everyone when working with the Federation and its partner organizations, and I was excited to find my own place in that ecosystem through my participation in CLI.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Leadership Institute (CLI) is a competitive 15-month program. CLI provides young adults ages 25-40 robust skill-building opportunities and meaningful connections with which to leverage their motivation and passion to lead the future of our Jewish community.

Paired with seasoned mentors, participants attend an opening retreat and monthly sessions, travel to Israel for an unforgettable 10-day experience, and collaborate on group projects. CLIers graduate with a deepened understanding of and connection to the local and global Jewish community.

Learn more about the program at one of our six information sessions spanning from March 12-27th! Applications are open March 4th-29th. Visit www.yaJewishLA.org/CLI or email CLI@JewishLA.org for details/questions.