Our Response to the Crisis in Israel

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles is actively supporting Israel during the crisis, partnering with the Israel Trauma Coalition to provide aid to the most vulnerable. They have been working together for almost a decade, training professionals and promoting healing and resilience. Parent workshops will be conducted in impacted communities, with increased support for parents and caregivers. The organization also addresses the rise in antisemitism and stands in solidarity with Israel.

Volunteer to Make a Difference – Serve The Moment

Join our volunteer and service-learning fellowship to make a difference in L.A. and combat social injustices. Engage in critical racial justice work, tackle food insecurity, and strengthen our education system. Volunteer with local nonprofits virtually or safely in person while learning about social inequities. Applications for our summer cohort are open now!

Yom HaShoah: A Time to Remember and Help Survivors in Need

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SEO Excerpt:
Commemorate Yom HaShoah and honor Holocaust survivors. Support survivors by providing for their physical and emotional needs. Give today to ensure they receive hot meals, in-home care, and emergency cash assistance. Your generosity will make a difference in their lives. Remember the victims and fulfill our sacred duty to Never Again.

A Gift for Elijah

“Gift for Elijah, supporting the Jewish community during the pandemic. Join us in making a meaningful contribution to The Jewish Federation. Together, we can overcome the challenges of Covid and build a flourishing Jewish future. Chag Sameach and continued good health. Jay Sanderson, President & CEO.”

Acknowledging a Milestone

Acknowledge milestone achievements and the challenges faced in the past year. Find hope and optimism for the future. Appreciate the resilience and creativity shown by the Jewish community during the pandemic. Express gratitude for support and strong leadership. Move forward with lessons learned and a stronger community.

Public Briefing on Ethnic Studies

Join us for a Public Briefing on Ethnic Studies, where we will discuss the California Department of Education’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Learn about our efforts to ensure fair representation of Jewish Americans and how we work to support diverse communities. Register now to be part of this important conversation.

The Federation’s Nazarian Initiative Intern Yosef Nemanpour Makes an Impact

Yosef Nemanpour, an intern with the Federation’s Nazarian Initiative, shares his experiences and hopes for the Iranian Jewish community in L.A. The Nazarian Initiative aims to engage Persian Jews in their 20s and 30s as leaders in the Jewish community. Yosef emphasizes the importance of teamwork and small touchpoints in making a difference. He hopes for a more inclusive Jewish community in the future.

Israel feels our heartbeat

“Our Federation demonstrates unwavering love and support for the Israeli community amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Through lifesaving assistance, strong partnerships, and impactful leadership, we strive to ensure the safety, health, and prosperity of our global Jewish family. Witness how we extend the heartbeat of Jewish L.A. to Israel in this video. Your generosity is crucial in overcoming this crisis together. Donate today.”

The Long Year Ahead

“Support our beloved Jewish community through the challenges of 2021. Join us in making a powerful impact for the health, welfare, security, and sustainability. Together, we will navigate the long year ahead, addressing poverty, mental health, and security concerns. Trust in our Jewish Federation to lead and make a difference. Partner with us and be the heartbeat of Jewish L.A.”

Shabbat Prayer for Our Country

Shabbat Prayer, country, government, leaders, advisors, authority, Torah, affairs of state, peace, security, happiness, prosperity, justice, freedom, healing, brokenness, Jewish community, Shabbat Shalom.

SEO Excerpt: Join us in reciting a heartfelt Shabbat prayer for our country, its government, leaders, and advisors. Let us seek guidance from the Torah for just and fair administration of affairs, promoting peace, security, happiness, prosperity, justice, and freedom. Together, we can heal the brokenness and build a safe Jewish community. Shabbat Shalom.

Jay Sanderson and David Suissa Discuss Our Jewish Future

Join Jay Sanderson, President & CEO of our Federation, and David Suissa, President of Tribe Media/Jewish Journal, as they discuss the future of our local and global Jewish community. Discover the steps needed to create a bright tomorrow, including inclusivity, meeting the community where they are, and finding value in Jewish life. Listen now on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.