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Our Message of Solidarity

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles expresses solidarity with the African American community in condemning police brutality and systemic racism. We call for a thorough investigation and accountability for all involved officers. Immediate actions are needed to reform the criminal justice system and ensure equal justice for all. We commit to educating, engaging, and advocating against hate and racism, building partnerships and understanding between communities. May the memory of George Floyd be a blessing, and may these acts of violence not be in vain.

Keeping Our Community Safe

Stay safe and vigilant in uncertain times. Our Community Security Initiative (CSI) is committed to protecting our community. Avoid large gatherings and report suspicious activity to local law enforcement and CSI. We’re here 24/7 to keep watch and share information to help keep you safe. Together, we can navigate these challenging times and ensure the safety of our community.

COVID19: Jewish and Civic Perspectives and Current Events

Learn about the current status of L.A. and how our city is moving forward in the face of COVID19. Mayor Eric Garcetti and our Federation’s CEO share Jewish and civic perspectives on the changes in our community. Stay informed about the evolving situation and its impact on our city.

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We Are Thinking About You

“Our community celebrates Shavuot with great significance this year as we reflect on the giving of the Torah and our covenant with G-d. Despite the impact of the pandemic, we are committed to keeping everyone safe. Donate today and help us navigate this crisis together, as we plan for a future of celebrating our community and enjoying a rich Jewish life.”

Cooking, Cocktails, and Conversation with Jay Sanderson and Rob Eshman

Learn how to create a spectacular Shavuot dish and a dairy-based cocktail accompaniment in this lively Zoom experience with Jay Sanderson and Rob Eshman. Discover the Jewish response to the current crisis and what the post-COVID Jewish future holds. Don’t miss the recipes for Jay’s beet martini and beet soup in the follow-up article!

Jay Sanderson Gets Personal in The Forward

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We Are Here Through the Summer and All Year Round

“We are here for our whole community, from our youngest to our most senior, providing support and creating new opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. Donate to help us care for our most vulnerable and get through this together. Stay safe and healthy! Jay Sanderson, President & CEO.”

Honor Your Mom or Special Friend with a Meaningful Gift

Honor your mom or special friend with a meaningful gift to The Jewish Federation. Give back to Jewish Los Angeles and uphold the value of achrayut – responsibility. Share a heartfelt video message on social media using #CareLikeAJewishMother. Join us in honoring all mothers and special women in our lives by making a gift today. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Join Me in Doing More

Join me in doing more to protect our vulnerable Jewish community from the impact of COVID-19. Support our Federation’s Annual Campaign to strengthen our treasured infrastructure and provide for those struggling financially. Together, we will get through this and emerge stronger. Donate today and make a difference. Thank you for your support.

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Providing Resources and Comfort During This Crisis

Our Federation is here to provide resources and comfort during this crisis. Join our extraordinary virtual celebration for Yom Ha’Atzmaut on April 29th and participate in a day of programming on the theme of “What Israel Means to Me.” If you or someone you know needs social services, contact our Community Call Line. Stay spiritually balanced and physically nourished with our session on living a healthy and vibrant life in challenging times. Visit our website for daily offerings of virtual activities and community. Support our efforts to care for our most vulnerable and strengthen our community by donating. We are here with you and ready to get through this together.

The Jewish Federation’s 2020 Seder Plate

Discover the symbolic representation of each element on the Jewish Federation’s 2020 Seder Plate. From the outstretched arm of G-d to help our community during these challenging times, to the newly created Crisis Resources and virtual activities for families, our Federation is dedicated to maintaining closeness and providing support despite the physical distance.

Keeping our Jewish Community Healthy and Strong

Join us for the Federation Town Hall with Cedars-Sinai, providing expert knowledge and guidance for our Jewish community during these uncertain times. Featuring Dr. Richard V. Riggs and Rabbi Sharon Brous, this virtual event will address our communal needs. Together with Cedars-Sinai, we strive to keep our community healthy today and in the future. Donate now to support our efforts.

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Caring for Our Community During This Crisis

Our Federation deeply cares about our entire community and is intensifying efforts to care for our most vulnerable. Contact our Community Call Line for assistance with social services. Attend our virtual Jewish Federation Town Hall for expert knowledge and answers to your questions. Access information on federal small business loans for Jewish nonprofits affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Join our NuRoots Virtual Passover Experience and attend virtual workshops for parents of teens and college students. We are committed to providing Passover meals to those in need. We are here with you to face these challenges together.

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We Are in a Crisis

We are in a crisis. Our Federation is committed to addressing our greatest challenges, including the impact of the coronavirus. Join us in supporting our Jewish community through the Annual Campaign. Your gift will make all the difference. Donate now and help us get through this together. Thank you.

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We Are Here – 365 Days a Year, Especially in Crisis

“We Are Here – 365 Days a Year, Especially in Crisis. Our Federation is facing these challenges head-on, shifting to virtual unity and providing support for our community. We are committed to keeping our community safe and secure, leading thoughtfully and strategically. Stay connected with updates on social services and financial assistance through our Community Call Line and Jewish Free Loan Association. Please share these resources widely.”

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We Are Here for You and Our Entire Community

In these uncertain times, our Federation is here for you and our entire community. We understand the challenges of social distancing and are committed to finding ways to build community and offer meaningful Jewish experiences. Our Community Call Line is available for social services and financial assistance. Together, we will overcome this crisis. Shabbat Shalom.

Our Commitment to Our Community

Our Federation is deeply committed to the health and safety of our Jewish community. From monitoring COVID-19’s impact to partnering with medical experts, we prioritize the well-being of those we serve. With precautionary measures in place, we remain dedicated to keeping our community safe. Stay informed as we navigate this together.

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It is Not Enough to Never Forget

“Never forget Holocaust remembrance, increasing anti-Semitism, violence against Jews, de-Jewifying the Holocaust, rewriting national narratives, Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA), Holocaust survivors, Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Rautenberg New Leaders Project, lobbying for funding, caring for Jews in need, standing against anti-Semitism, discrimination, and division.”

SEO Excerpt: “In the midst of news about Kobe Bryant’s death and the Trump impeachment trial, Holocaust remembrance is overshadowed. The increasing anti-Semitism, violence against Jews, and rewriting of national narratives are concerning trends. As Holocaust survivors decline in number, it is vital for us to bear witness and act with intention. Join efforts in caring for Jews in need and standing against discrimination.”

Bryan Turkel Praying

From the Wrestling Mat to The Jewish Federation

Bryan Turkel’s Jewish journey from the wrestling mat to The Jewish Federation is a story of finding belonging and connection. After a sports-centric upbringing, Bryan found his Jewish identity in college and started an AEPi chapter. His first trip to Israel solidified his connection, and he now embraces his Jewish identity fully, working at The Jewish Federation to develop future Jewish leaders.

Five Things I Learned When Traveling to Brazil with 20 Jews of Color

Traveling to Brazil with 20 Jews of Color provided unique insights into race, culture, and Jewish communal life. Discover the beauty of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and learn how conceptions of race differ between Brazil and the United States. Explore the changing center of Jewish communal life and the importance of inclusive Jewish communities. Join the conversation and support more experiences for Jews of Color.