Listening and Learning

As we get ready for Shabbat, I am preparing to join nine leaders of our community and 190 Jewish leaders from across North America on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to India. You are probably asking, “Why India? And why travel with so many people?” Throughout our history, Jews have lived almost everywhere in the world — from Kiev to Buenos Aires, Paris, Havana, and beyond. As such, wherever I am traveling, I’m always learning about our story and seeing firsthand the challenges that Jews (even in the smallest and most remote areas) face.

Interning in Tel Aviv with Onward Israel Los Angeles

Nirel Gidanian, a sophomore at UCLA studying biology, participated in Onward Israel Los Angeles and spent 8 weeks of summer 2018 interning at a dental clinic in Tel Aviv. She shares her experience with us.

Birthright Israel LA Way with Jared Neutel

Jared Neutel traveled to Israel with Birthright Israel LA Way for an unforgettable, life-changing trip. Read about how the experience impacted him.

Why Leaders of Jewish Teen Initiatives All Went to See Dear Evan Hansen

As educators working to engage teens in meaningful Jewish experiences, all of us in the Jewish Teen Education & Engagement Funder Collaborative know the facts surrounding teen angst and concerns about young people’s mental health. We wring our hands over the impact of social media on our teens, providing “connections” yet ultimately often leading to loneliness and self-loathing. We have read countless articles, watched documentaries, and spoken with mental health professionals. We brainstorm with each other about workshop ideas, potential speakers, and ways to frame the conversation through a Jewish lens.

Super Sunday – More Important Than Ever Before

The horrific shooting in Pittsburgh and the devastating Woolsey Fires shook us as a community. During these tumultuous and traumatic times, one thing has remained consistent — our Federation’s steadfast commitment to our community, near and far. Our Federation is, and has been, the foundation of our Jewish community for well over 100 years. We have developed and built the infrastructure to respond to anything that comes our way. When crisis hit, we mobilized all of our resources and relationships to make the biggest and most immediate impact.

My Brawerman Experience

Zoe Krut, a Brawerman Fellow and Junior at Roanoke College in Virginia, shares her experience and impact the Fellowship has had on her life.

The Power of Our Collective

Three weeks ago, I bumped into two flight attendants at Los Angeles International Airport. They said I looked familiar for some reason and later admitted they thought I was a celebrity at first! Don’t laugh! We quickly realized the real reason I looked familiar was because I had been on three recent flights to New York with them. As the President and CEO of our Federation, I travel quite a bit in order to collaborate with great leaders and professionals across the country and the world to share experiences, discuss strategy, and tackle some of our most pressing shared challenges.

Meet Brawerman Fellow Shachar Cohen-Hodos

Shachar Cohen-Hodos, Senior at List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University, shares her experience as a Brawerman Fellow, and the impact the Brawerman Fellowship has had on her life.

Couscous and Community: Reflections on Jewish Morocco

20 young Angelenos traveled on our Federation’s Inside Jewish Morocco trip, in partnership with American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), this past November. Each year, the Federation partners with JDC Entwine to offer one trip exclusively for Jewish Angelenos in their 20s and 30s. Focusing on humanitarian aid, serving Jews in need, and disaster relief, participants explore the diversity of the global Jewish community while learning about JDC and Federation’s combined efforts to alleviate hunger and hardship and help Jews around the world thrive. Federation’s Ariela Wallace shares her experience with us!

Update on Our Wildfire Relief Efforts

As we begin this new year, I want to share an update on how our Federation responded to the local wildfires that dramatically destroyed and damaged many of our beloved institutions and organizations and impacted individuals and families. We have immense gratitude for the community’s continued support, which has enabled us to respond to crises each and every day. Our flexibility was evidenced, especially over the past few months, by our ability to devote our time and resources to deal with challenges and help those in need. Our Federation continues our steadfast commitment to the safety, care, well-being, and future of our community.