Federation Family Camp - Group Kid's Photo

Ideas in Jewish Education and Engagement: Family Camp – An Effective Gateway to Joyful Jewish Life

Discover the impact of family camp on Jewish education and engagement. Through immersive experiences and the guidance of dedicated counselors and staff, families are able to connect with others, explore Jewish traditions, and incorporate them into their daily lives. Join our Family Camp Project and create lasting bonds, curiosity, and a sense of Jewish identity.

National Young Leadership Cabinet – The Federation at Work Across the World

National Young Leadership Cabinet (NYLC) is a program by the Jewish Federations of North America that sends members to countries like Georgia and Russia to provide support and assistance to Jewish communities in need. Through partnerships with organizations like The Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), NYLC members offer services and resources to elderly Jews and youth, helping to rebuild Jewish identity and connection. Learn more about NYLC and how to apply by contacting Alexi Biener Baker at ABaker@JewishLA.org or (323) 761-8386.

Twinning - Two boys on the beach

Global Teen Twinning Program: Not Just a Program — But a Transformative Experience
for All

The Global Teen Twinning Program is a transformative experience that connects students and staff members from Wise School with Israeli educators and families. Participants gain a broader perspective on academic and experiential learning, form a strong Jewish identity, and develop lasting relationships. This program, offered by The Jewish Federation, creates enduring connections between Jewish people in the diaspora and the people of Israel. Learn more at www.JewishLA.org.

Global Twinning Program - Mayan Benami -2 - Group Photo

The Impact of our Global Teen Twinning Program

Discover the impact of the Global Teen Twinning Program at Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School. Mayan Benami, the program’s coordinator, shares how it inspires both Jewish and Israeli students. Join the largest student delegation program in the Jewish world and learn more about the Federation’s Global Teen Twinning Program at www.JewishLA.org.

Good Deeds Day - Alexandria House

Good Deeds Day & Community Service Day with The Federation

Join us for Good Deeds Day on April 7th as we partner with The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles in a global movement to repair the world. Volunteer to make a positive impact on Los Angeles and be part of a global effort to heal and transform the world. Sign up now!

We Send Our Condolences to the Victims of the Horrific Shooting in Poway

Our hearts are heavy after the horrific shooting in Poway. We stand together with the Jewish community and mourn the loss. We are committed to making our community safe and secure. Our Federation’s Community Security Initiative (CSI) is actively engaged in our protection. We offer our condolences and support to the Jewish Federation and Chabad.

Red Sea Reflection with Collective Escape 2019

Join us for Collective Escape 2019, a citywide Passover celebration powered by NuRoots. From April 19 to April 26, experience diverse offerings that make the holiday accessible and relevant. Take part in Red Sea Reflection, an experiential deep-dive into the themes of Dayenu and ancient Iranian traditions. Visit www.nuroots.org/collectiveescape2019 to learn more about this unique experience.

My Pesach Thoughts

This year, Passover takes on a deeper meaning, reflecting our commitment to building a dynamic Jewish community. We acknowledge concerns about rising anti-Semitism and hate speech and remain dedicated to the safety and security of our community. Through partnerships and education, we are actively combating anti-Semitism. Join us for a community-wide Yom HaShoah Commemoration to honor Holocaust victims. Your generosity and support make all of this possible. Happy Passover.

Aaron White Headshot

Brooklyn comes to Boyle: Jewish History and Los Angeles

Discover the rich Jewish history of Los Angeles with the Rautenberg New Leaders Project. This premier program from The Jewish Federation has been training emerging Jewish civic leaders for over 25 years. Learn how NLP empowers participants to address critical challenges and gain a deep understanding of the diverse fabric of the city. Find out more about NLP and Aaron White’s experience. Visit www.YAJewishLA.org/NLP.

L.A. Invests Creatively in Jewish Early Childhood Through Federation’s JECELI-LA

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles partners with prestigious institutions to bring the nationally recognized Jewish Early Childhood Education Leadership Institute-Los Angeles (JECELI-LA) to the city. This program aims to inspire and empower early childhood educators, enhancing Jewish early childhood centers and building lasting relationships within the community. Supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation.

We Take Pride in Our Responsibility

Our Federation’s proactive work promotes the well-being of every citizen in every community. Through the Rautenberg New Leaders Project, we train the next generation of civic and political leaders, informed by Jewish values. Graduates include State Senators Ben Allen and Henry Stern, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel, LAUSD Board Member Nick Melvoin, and former Ethics Commission President Serena Oberstein.

CLI Israel 2018

An Interview with CLI Participant Courtney Brodie

Join CLI 2019 and connect with like-minded young professionals. Form lifelong friendships, volunteer, network, and do business together. Experience the impactful Israel trip, gain valuable mentorship and professional growth, and contribute to the Jewish community in Los Angeles. Attend an information session from March 12-27th. Applications open March 4th-29th at www.yaJewishLA.org/CLI. Email CLI@JewishLA.org for more details.

Spiced Nut and Cheese Hamantashen

Looking for an unconventional hamantashen recipe? Try this Spiced Nut and Cheese version from Elana Horwich’s Meal and a Spiel cookbook. These cookies are a delicious twist on the traditional plain dough filled with jam. Celebrate life and survival with these darn good cookies, perfect for Purim or any occasion. Recipe includes a gluten-free option.

LA-Inspired Hamentaschen Recipe

Try this LA-inspired Hamentaschen recipe with a twist! These Palestinian-Chinese Purim cookies, adapted from a Palestinian cookbook, feature local Southern California ingredients and are formed in traditional Chinese molds. With a sweet filling of dates and a hint of local brandy, these unique cookies are perfect for celebrating Purim. Get the recipe here!

An Interview with Federation Global Teen Twinning Alumnus Matan Sokolovsky

Participate in the transformative Global Teen Twinning Program, connecting Jewish teens from Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and Vilnius. Hear from alumnus Matan Sokolovsky about his experience and the lifelong friendships he made. Explore diverse Jewish communities, broaden your perspective, and make lasting connections. Join the largest student delegation program in the Jewish world. Visit www.JewishLA.org for more information.

National Young Leadership Cabinet in Birmingham, Alabama

Experience the National Young Leadership Cabinet’s Civil Rights Mission in Birmingham. Visit historic sites like Brown Chapel AME Church, Rosa Parks Museum, and Edmund Pettus Bridge. Engage with community leaders and learn about the Southern Jewish Experience. Apply now to join the Cabinet and make a difference. Contact ABiener@JewishLA.org or (323) 761-8386 for more information.

An Interview with CLI Participant Elham Makabi

Learn about the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Leadership Institute (CLI) program for young adults ages 25-40. Gain valuable skills, connections, and a deeper understanding of the Jewish community. Attend an information session from March 12-27th and apply by March 29th. Visit www.yaJewishLA.org/cli or email CLI@JewishLA.org for more information.

An Interview with CLI Participant Shirley Pakdaman

Apply today for The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Leadership Institute (CLI) and join like-minded peers in making positive changes for the community. Connect with awesome peers and explore meaningful work in LA and Israel. Discover that you don’t need great wealth to be a philanthropist. Expand your vision of the future. Applications open now!

An Interview with CLI Participant Ben Feingold

Join the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ Community Leadership Institute (CLI) and expand your network while building personal and leadership skills. With unique opportunities to grow as an individual and become more involved in the Jewish community, CLI offers lifelong friendships and unforgettable experiences. Apply now for the 15-month program! Visit www.yaJewishLA.org/CLI for more information.

An Interview with Federation Global Teen Twinning Alumnus Jake Gardenhour

Join the Jewish Federation’s Global Teen Twinning Program for a life-changing experience. Connect with students from around the world and build lasting friendships. Explore Israel and become part of the global Jewish community. Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity. Learn more at www.JewishLA.org.