We Do The “Good Parts” Every Day

Discover the impact of supporting the Federation – from providing safety in Jewish day schools to sending children to Jewish schools and summer camps. Engage every Jew, young and aging, and connect them to our rich and diverse Jewish community. Help us continue to demonstrate the power of community and touch every Jewish life in Los Angeles, Israel, and around the world.

An Interview with Michelle Cait, Director of Shemesh Enterprises

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles provides inclusive services and programs for individuals with special needs. LAJAC, an initiative of The Jewish Federation, offers resources and support for Jewish adults with special needs and caregivers. With a focus on accessibility, LAJAC aims to empower individuals of all abilities to live meaningful Jewish lives. Learn more at www.lajac.org.

An Interview with Judy Rosen

Discover the impact of Women’s Philanthropy on the lives of compassionate and committed Jewish women, as Lion of Judah Judy Rosen shares her story. Learn about her involvement with the Federation, her inspiration to become a Lion, and the importance of giving back to the community. Join the powerful Lions at the LOJ luncheon and be inspired. Visit www.JewishLA.org/women to learn more.

JDAIM: An Interview with Rachel O’Kelley

Celebrate Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month with an interview with Rachel O’Kelley. Discover how Rachel’s involvement in the Nes Gadol Program at Vista del Mar has helped her find confidence, connect with the Jewish community, and advocate for individuals with special needs. Explore the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles’ initiatives to provide quality services and enhance inclusion for those with special needs. Learn more at www.lajac.org.

The NLP Kickoff: One Weekend with the Power to Change the Future of Los Angeles

Join the NLP Kickoff and be part of the movement to shape the future of Los Angeles. Experience a year of learning, growth, and acquiring skills to make a difference in our city. Hear from community leaders, scholars, and elected officials. Applications for the 2019 Rautenberg New Leaders Project will open in September. Contact MKohav@JewishLA.org for more info.

What is Your Legacy?

Discover your legacy and make a lasting impact on the future of the Jewish community. Join President & CEO Jay Sanderson and his colleagues in a conversation about your shared goals and how your legacy can contribute to a strong and vibrant Jewish future. Let’s answer these important questions together.

Learning about JDAIM with Michelle K. Wolf

Learn about JDAIM and the experiences of Michelle K. Wolf, founder of Jewish Los Angeles Special Needs Trust. Discover how ETTA, a partner organization of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, provides inclusive programs and services for individuals with special needs. Find out how Danny Wolf, a participant in ETTA’s programs, enjoys a fully enriched and active life.

The Brawerman Impact

The Brawerman Fellowship offered by The Jewish Federation provides a $10,000 annual college scholarship and fosters leadership skills and Jewish engagement through retreats and overseas opportunities. High school seniors with academic strength, financial need, and a commitment to leadership and community service are encouraged to apply by February 20th at www.JewishLA.org/Brawerman. Contact OFrank@JewishLA.org for more information.

INSPIRE: Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). Our Federation is committed to inclusion and will feature a blog each week written by community members, parents, volunteers, or professionals working with special needs individuals. To kick off JDAIM, we are sharing tips on how to be more inclusive of people with disabilities. Read and share these tips to inspire inclusion.

For One Student, a Jewish Journey Redefined

Apply for the Brawerman Fellowship at UCLA and redefine your Jewish journey as a student. With connections, leadership development, and $40,000 in college scholarships, this program offers incredible opportunities to get involved in the Jewish community and build valuable skills. Don’t miss out on this chance to become a future Jewish leader. Apply now at www.JewishLA.org/Brawerman.

Federation and Unistream Open New Centers in Israel to Extend Impact

The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and Unistream have partnered to open five new Unistream Entrepreneurship Centers in Israel, with the goal of opening 10 more within the next two years. These centers aim to empower underprivileged teens and provide educational programs for their communities. The Federation plays a crucial role in identifying areas in need and supporting the expansion of Unistream’s programs. This partnership allows more students to reach their potential and experience the life-changing power of Unistream.

My Visit to Tennessee with a Holocaust Survivor

Discover an extraordinary experience in Tennessee where a Holocaust survivor, Ann Spicer, placed paper clips in a railcar memorial. Learn about the Children’s Holocaust Memorial and the inspiring story behind it. Find out how The Jewish Federation cares for Holocaust survivors and supports Jews in need. Visit the Federation’s website to learn more.

The Power of Community

Discover the power of community and join us in making a difference. Help us support those in need and create a lasting legacy for future generations. Attend our exciting events and share your passions with us as we start strong and face any challenge that comes our way. Together, we can achieve great things.

Reflecting on My Fishel Fellowship

Reflecting on the life-changing experiences of the Fishel Fellowship, this program by The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles immerses young professionals in global Jewish understanding and responsibility. From volunteering in India to learning about Federation’s work in Israel, the fellowship expands perspectives and fosters connections within diverse communities. Explore the world through the eyes of a Fishel Fellow.

Listen—and then Lead

Nick Melvoin, Vice President of the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education, reflects on the importance of listening and learning in leadership. He credits his involvement in the Jewish Federation’s Rautenberg New Leaders Program (NLP) for providing him with the tools and network needed to make a difference in education. Learn more about the NLP program at www.yajewishla.org/program/nlp.